Individual Life Insurance

A sound financial plan begins with life insurance.  While no one likes to talk about passing away, life insurance can relieve your loved ones of financial worry in the event of your untimely passing. Life insurance has many different uses.  From covering debt and estate planning, to leaving a legacy at a church or school, life insurance is an easy and inexpensive way to complete these goals.

As life changes, so do your life insurance needs.  A full review should be done at least once every 3 to 5 years just to make sure your policies and your objectives are still aligned.

Modern life insurance also offers many “living benefits” such as accelerated death benefits which allow you to use part of your death benefit amount to pay for long term care in a nursing home or for in home health care.  A return of premium rider on term products acts like a savings account. If you live through the end of the policy, the insurance company would return your total premium paid back to you. All of these options are important to consider when finding a policy that fits your desired life insurance purpose.

Think life insurance is only for the young and the healthy?  We represent companies that have plans with limited or no health underwriting needed.  These are guaranteed issue life insurance policies that the company will not deny.

Please contact Freedom Benefits to explore all the possibilities that life insurance can offer you and your loved ones.


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